Reducing Costs and Improving Education with Smart CBT

Reducing Costs and Improving Education with Smart CBT
August 14, 2019 Uncategorized

Throughout the years, educational institutions have struggled to improve education with reduced budgets. Always asked to do more with less, it’s abundantly clear that programs and educators need help. Thankfully, there is a solution—a technological solution. Institutions can look to optimize their assessment processes, reduce the workloads for their instructors, and save on much-needed costs by adopting innovative technological solutions.

Achieving Programmatic Efficiency

Strict financial budgets make it difficult for institutions to obtain programmatic efficiency and optimization. They simply can’t afford to spend extra money on more staff, classrooms, and administrators. The New England Board of Education recommends that colleges and higher education institutions lower expenses and reduce costs by leveraging technology and innovations to create new models of operation. Smart CBT has helped many programs remodel their assessment processes by simplifying the way these programs manage assessment with a one-stop platform for item banking and exam creation, delivery, and reporting. By using Smart CBT’s embedded-assessment platform, educators will have to spend less time on building, delivering, and grading assessments and will be able to spend more time on teaching and supporting students.

Cost Saving with Computer-Based Testing

There is no question that cost saving is a tremendous challenge for educational institutions, but it’s not an impossible task. One way programs can save money is to adopt a computer-based testing platform. Smart CBT’s embedded-assessment platform gives educational programs the power to deliver exams electronically on many device types, including PC laptops, iPads, and Surface Pros(Comming soon). The cost savings that educational institutions stand to gain by using Smart CBT’s assessment platform can help reduce the need for budget cuts.

Student Retention and Remediation Opportunities Using Smart CBT

You would be hard pressed to find an educational program that doesn’t hold student remediation and retention at the top of its list of priorities, but the big question is how do schools on a strapped budget continue to improve student learning? The National Center for Academic Transformation suggests that higher education institutions use information technology and continued assessment to provide students with quality feedback and individualized support.

The results of this kind of system can be seen in the The Aser-U-Den Gramer School,Surulere(AUD) data-driven feedback system. Using Smart CBT’s embedded-assessment platform, it leveraged Smart CBT’s detailed reporting capabilities to quickly identify and remediate at-risk students. After using Smart CBT for just three years, AUD saw an increase of 20 percent in board passage rates and a decrease of 6 percent in attrition rates.

Information technology remains one of the best solutions to improving the quality of education while reducing costs for institutions facing decreased funding and impending budget cuts. More than Primary,Secondary, undergraduate, and higher education programs worldwide have turned to Smart CBT’s software to help reinvent their assessment processes and maximize cost savings. Get the process started for your institution. Schedule a demo with us today.

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